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“Used this to help us conceive – Works well and not too expensive either”

“Used this to help us conceive, husband works away so have struggled to make my fertile days fit around when he’s home. Works well as a lubricant and wanted it to help keep swimmers alive for a few days to allow egg to drop. Guess it worked well as according to my due date I conceived whilst hubby was away! 1 week to go now :)”Verified Amazon.co.uk PurchaseMore about Conceive Plus If you have just started trying to get pregnant [...]


Conceive Plus testimonial : “I’m 5 days late on my cycle”

Conceive Plus testimonial : "I'm 5 days late on my cycle" I like it a lot!Before ordering this product, I checked with my OB-Gyn to see if this was safe, he assured me that it was. I purchased this product and started using it the day I hit my fertile days.After dealing with infertility for so many years, I decided to take a break from the expensive fertility treatments and give this and other vitamin supplements a fair chance.Along with [...]