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I got pregnant after using this, It worked on the 2nd go

I got pregnant after using this it worked on the 2nd go after years of it not happening... Thanks conceive plus!!! I’m currently 14 weeks!!! Feel like I won the lottery , Amanda, Facebook, April 2018 I spent 9 months TTC after a loss, I fell the first month I used this, used it twice 2 days apart and I'm 11 weeks on Tuesday.... best £8 iv ever spent , Mary-Shannon, Facebook, April 2018My husband and I [...]


The Social Pressure Of Getting Pregnant

The Social pressure of getting pregnant. In this liberal day and age, you would expect the pressure on couples to conceive to have died off. But this is far from the case. The media, as well as friends and family, and sometimes even strangers, all have an opinion on when a woman should start having kids, and those opinions are voiced loudly. Granted, these opinions are generally intended to be good-natured, however, it can be quite confronting and stressful; [...]