Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add products to my existing subscription? Sure, just tick "add to existing subscription"  on the product page. You can also add everything in your shopping cart to an existing subscription by selecting that option at the cart page. Manage your subscription on the MY SUBSCRIPTIONS page
Can I change the products in my subscription? Easy, just add the products you want by ticking “add to existing subscription” and deleted the the product you don’t want. Manage your subscription on the MY SUBSCRIPTIONS page
That's no problem, go to your ‘MY SUBSCRIPTIONS’ and click SUSPEND. When you are ready to resume, simply reactivate your subscription on this page. You can cancel your subscription here too. You are in control.  
No. Conceive Plus is an OTC (over-the-counter) personal lubricant that is available on shelf and online, a prescription is not required. Designed for use by all couples who want to conceive.
How can I cancel my subscription? Easy. go to ‘My Account’ page or ‘My Subscriptions’ and CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION. You can resubscribe at anytime.
Around 75% of couples experience vaginal dryness when trying to conceive, most don't notice it. Conceive Plus helps to keep sperm healthy so they can make their long journey to the egg. Using Conceive Plus is a very good idea even if you feel you don’t need additional lubrication.
Conceive Plus can be used by all couples who are trying for a baby, even those with PCOS. There are many positive success stories from others on this topic, available on our website.
Fertility support is essential when trying to conceive, so we recommend using both Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant and Conceive Plus Fertility Support Multivitamins to increase the chances of getting pregnant naturally. Our Fertility Lubricant is developed to support sperm motility and viability, while Conceive Plus Women’s Fertility Support is specially formulated with a combination of vitamins and minerals to support body regulation, healthy female reproductive system and the Men’s fertility Support is specially formulated with a combination of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to promote sperm count and motility.

These two nutrients help maintain sperm health, sperm motility and sperm viability to increase the chances of natural fertilization.

Conceive Plus Women’s Fertility Support is a complete formulation designed for use by trying-to-conceive women. Specially formulated with key nutrients that support fertility and help to prepare the body for conception*