Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better Conceive Plus or Preseed?

Conceive Plus is The ONLY Lubricant with Magnesium and Calcium Ions. Calcium and magnesium are well-known minerals needed in the diet. But, they’re also needed for conception, too. Conceive Plus is a PATENTED fertility lubricant that incorporates fertility-enhancing ions to boost the odds of conception. Preseed and other personal lubricants that are marketed to trying-to-conceive couples do NOT contain Calcium or Magnesium ions. Our testing shows significant benefits in terms of sperm survival, motility and sperm viability compared to Pre-seed and other fertility lubricants.  

These two nutrients help maintain sperm health, sperm motility and sperm viability to increase the chances of natural fertilization.

Conceive Plus Women’s Fertility Support is a complete formulation designed for use by trying-to-conceive women. Specially formulated with key nutrients that support fertility and help to prepare the body for conception*
Conceive Plus Fertility-Friendly lubricant was developed by Doctors and is cleared by the U.S FDA for use by couples trying to conceive. By contrast, other personal lubricants (especially the most famous ones) block the movement of sperm, kill their vitality, and prevent conception.

Will you charge me each month?

Payment for your order is taken when you checkout, you only pay for what you order! Do you want to subscribe? You can subscribe by selecting this option in the shopping cart. When selected, you'll see the the confirmation buttons change so you know if you have subscribed. You'll also get a confirmation email. If you don't select to subscribe you ONLY PAY FOR WHAT YOU ORDER. Questions? we are available 24/7 by LiveChat and email on our contact us page