ASRM publishes Conceive Plus clinical data

ASRM publishes Conceive Plus clinical data We are proud of the many studies we have done to confirm the unique nature Conceive Plus. In October 2009 our studies were presented at the 2009 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.Click to view the published studiesConceive Plus® was cleared safe for use by couples trying-to-conceive by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on November 7 2013 under 510(k): K131355. Conceive Plus® is compatible with human sperm, oocytes and embryos and [...]


Conceive Plus is the only lube that actually helps with conception

Conceive Plus is the only lube that actually helps with conception. It's a great natural feeling lube too. It's a bigger tube than Pre Seed so works out cheaper. I used Pre Seed for 3 months and got nothing. I used Conceive Plus for one month and got pregnant that month. I'm sure that's what did it! Best of luck x(Oct 19th, 2009 as posted on


Pre-Seed Blog attacks Conceive Plus, afraid of the competition?

30 May 2009, Brussels: Dr Joanna Ellington, the inventor of Pre-Seed, sperm-friendly intimate moisturizer, made statements on the blog of her own invention Her latest posting attacks Sasmar Conceive Plus, a conception product which directly competes with Pre-seed in markets around the world. Dr Ellington, claims ‘’Conceive Plus has an osmolality over 400 mOsmo/kg which is a level that is unsafe for sperm”’CEO of Sasmar, an Australian Bio-tech company, John-Michael Mancini said “Dr Ellington’s comment is false and [...]