What is Conceive Plus® ?

Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant 8 pre-filled applicators


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The Fertility Lubricant for All Trying-To-Conceive Couples

Fertility support is an essential part of conception, whether you are just starting out or have been trying to get pregnant for some time. 

Conceive Plus® is the fertility lubricant that is formulated to be compatible with human sperm and the process of fertilisation for couples who are trying for a baby. Conceive Plus® is the only fertility lubricant that contains Calcium and Magnesium ions to support fertility and the process of conception.

Key Benefits

  • Clinically Tested Fertility Friendly
  • Mimics Natural Fertile Fluids
  • Supports Sperm Viability
  • Provides Additional Moisture
  • Calcium & Magnesium Ions
  • Australian Patented Formula

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How does it help Female Fertility?

Using Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant each time you have sex with your partner when trying to conceive helps to increase pleasure and relieve the negative effects of vaginal dryness. Making the "trying to conceive" process even more sexually enjoyable and exciting for both of you. Most couples experience vaginal dryness at some point especaially while trying for a baby, many won't notice it or think it is an issue for them. For that reason alone, using Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant each time you have sex when trying to get pregnant is a good idea.

How does it help Male Fertility?

Calcium and Magnesium ions are naturally present in human semen and cervical fluids and are critically important for the viability and function of sperm. Conceive Plus® Fertility Lubricant is the only personal lubricant brand with fertility essential ions helping to create a fertility friendly environment for his sperm to make the long journey to reach and fertize the egg.

Conceive Plus® fertility lubricant is for use by ALL couples trying for a baby. Available over-the-counter, in Australian pharmacies and online in multi-use tubes and in pre-filled applicators.





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