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Getting Pregnant Tips January 30, 2017

When to Take a Pregnancy test for Optimal Results

Getting pregnant is the happiest and a life-turning point for a woman. Knowing that you are going to welcome a little baby into your life is not only overwhelming but somewhat stressing.

For majority of women, the decision when to take a pregnancy test is the main cause of anxiety while you wait to hear the news. If you think that you may be pregnant, you would want to check it as soon as possible. But it is essential to know how these pregnancy tests work.

When you are pregnant

In the initial days of the pregnancy, fetus produces a hormone Human Chorionic Gondotrophin normally called hCG. This hormone can be detected in your blood and urine if you are pregnant. As the pregnancy progresses, the levels of hCG increases. It peaks around 8-11 weeks before it drops to a lower level during the 12-16 weeks. You may notice some red discharge during early pregnancy, this can be normal but still talk to your doctor and ask. According to study some pregnancy tests seem to have a poor detection limit for hCG than others. Therefore it is suggested for best results to take the pregnancy test early in the morning as hCG levels are at their highest at that time and after a night of sleeping the urine is more concentrated.

You need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully that come with the test. This is required as the procedures could vary and affect your result. Excessive fluid intake could dilute hCG that could make the result difficult to read.

Best Time to Take a Pregnancy test

Sometimes you may feel like taking a test early because you feel the signs that you might have conceived. The most popular first pregnancy signs are cramps, tender breasts, nausea, food aversions, exhaustion, frequent urination and missed period.  Even if you feel one or several of these signs, the best time to take a pregnancy test is after your period is late. This assists you from getting false negative or false positive results.

A number of home pregnancy tests claim to provide 99% accuracy on pregnancy results on the first day after you have missed your period. But research shows that most home pregnancy tests do not spot pregnancy that early. Even if they do, results tend to be almost nonexistent or so faint it can be misunderstood easily. And according to research and medical experts, it is recommended to wait until a week to get the optimal results.

Waiting for seven days after you have missed your period gives you the best pregnancy result. If you can wait a week after missing your period, most of the pregnancy tests will give you an accurate answer.

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Getting Pregnant Tips March 21, 2016

How to choose your pregnancy test?

Becoming a mother can change your entire life. The way you used to live your life and spend times will change, with presence of little one. Now being pregnant is good news not just for the couple, but also for the entire family. But, how will you know if you are pregnant or not? Well, there are some important pregnancy tests available in the market, working in a woman’s blood, urine or saliva. On the other hand, there are some modernized Bluetooth connected devices available, for testing accurate pregnancy level.

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Saliva tests

At present, you will come across two major forms of pregnancy related tests: urine tests and blood tests. All of these tests work on detecting specific hormone, termed as hCG in urine or blood, and even as pregnancy hormone. With the help of pregnancy tests, instant results are available, with few drops of saliva. Pregnancy Stick is defined as the only saliva pregnancy test, which helps in detecting pregnancy within a span of 7 to 10 days, after conceiving.
– It is extremely economical and costs fraction of present products
– These tests are easy to use, portable and compact

Urine tests

Urine tests are mainly performed in 2 varied ways, and performed ether at home (Tests are available OTC and cost between 1$ and 20$) or in clinic. One way mainly surrounds collecting urine in cup and also dips into a pregnancy strip or get the urine into container with eyedropper.
– This is the most used pregnancy strip for accurate result
– You just need to wait for 3 to 5 minutes for availing your answer
– Two red lines or the word “pregnant” help in determining the result
– 99% reliable

Blood tests

There are mainly two significant forms of blood tests to determine the accurate pregnancy test. One is stated as a quantitative blood test, and another one is a qualitative hCG blood test. The blood test is the most reliable test you can do but be patient … You will have to wait one day for the results.
– It helps in determining pregnancy earlier when compared with any urine test in about 7 to 12 days
– It helps in measuring the hCG hormone inside blood
– 100% reliable

Connected tests

With the advent of technology, nowadays; pregnancy determination not always revolve around blood or urine test. Now, enjoy the services of Bluetooth connected pregnancy test for accurate result. The PRO digital pregnancy test app helps in connection traditional home test sticks to smartphone app for better result. You just have to download the app and activate Bluetooth for availing accurate result. These methods are enough to prove that good news are now just few clicks away!

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