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Review: “Swim spermies, swim!”

We wanted to share with you this review taken from the Conceive Plus page on Amazon.com:
“This product maybe a little expensive but it’s totally worth it. I bought the conceive plus lube when my husband and I decided to start our family in March 2011. I had read that normal lubes killed sperm and this one actually helped to recreate the same PH level the sperm are used to in the scrotum so they can survive longer when trying to reach the egg. Other fertility lubes, such as PreSeed are advertized only as a vaginal moisturizer.

I became pregnant the first cycle we used this lube. My Husband wasn’t too crazy about it because it dried up faster than regular lubes and wasn’t quite as slippery, but it still got the job done. I contribute getting pregnant so quickly to using this lube during the fertile part of my cycle. I would and have recommended this lube to my friends that are also TTC their little ones.

And we still have a ton of it left and will continue to use it as we TTC our future little ones.”


Amazon shopper review…. Link to verified review

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