conceive plus
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  • I got pregnant after using this it worked on the 2nd go after years of it not happening… Thanks conceive plus!!! I’m currently 14 weeks!!! Feel like I won the lottery , Amanda, Facebook, April 2018
  • I spent 9 months TTC after a loss, I fell the first month I used this, used it twice 2 days apart and I’m 11 weeks on Tuesday…. best £8 iv ever spent , Mary-Shannon, Facebook, April 2018
  • My husband and I had been trying for about 14 months. I had just gotten an HSG and order this product and that same month I conceived. I’m not sure if this worked but I’m sure it didn’t hurt anything definitely give it a try, Tia, Amazon Verified Review, April 2018
  • I feel as if this is better than others it doesn’t irritate me and a little goes a long way with this, Amazon Verified Review, April 2018
  • I’ve been trying to get pregnant for the past 3 years but nothing. I’ve used this one time within my fertile window and I can say I am now pregnant I’m almost 2 months, Karlyce, Facebook, May 2018
  • We used just the lube and got pregnant the first time! Get an ovulation kit to help track when your ovulating! Then use conceive plus during intercourse! Good luck! It’ll happen!, Lizette, Facebook, May 2018
  • My husband and I tried to conceive for almost a year with no luck. After using this ONE month, as well as tracking my ovulation through test strips, we conceived our daughter. Was it a combination of both things or just luck? I may never know. But nonetheless, I am thankful for my beautiful, healthy girl!, Amazon Verified Review, May 2018
  • We got pregnant on our first try using this stuff! A little is all you need, Shannon, Amazon Verified Review, May 2018

Trying To Get Pregnant?... Conceive Plus is the ONLY fertility-friendly lubricant that contains Calcium and Magnesium ions essential for the conception process. Find out how Conceive Plus can help you get pregnant, naturally!.... LEARN MORE