Getting Pregnant Tips November 10, 2016

How to get pregnant with twins

There are many couples who are wondering how to get pregnant with twins. Natural twins are fairly rare. Without in vitro fertilization, your chances of having twins are about 3%. A lot of the factors that make twins more likely are things you can’t change, such as your family history and your race. Women who are over 35, of African descent, and tall are more likely to have twins naturally. However, there are some things you can do to improve your odds if you want to have twins.

Success Stories October 31, 2016

“After 2 years of trying I’m finally 22 weeks pregnant now “

Conceive Plus success stories :

“Hello! I know this might be late but I could never be thankful enough for your products. After 2 years of trying I’m finally 22 weeks pregnant now and that’s happened when I started using your products. We kinda just used the lubricants and last thing I knew is I was preggy already. So thank youuuuu!!! 😊 ” R.G. Heuvel, Facebook, October 12, 2016

Getting Pregnant Tips October 17, 2016

10 Early Signs of Pregnancy

Even before a pregnancy test will come back positive, your body can give you some subtle signs that you’re pregnant. You may notice these in the first few weeks of your pregnancy, and even as early as a few days after you conceived. Of course, these symptoms vary for everyone. Some women may not have any, and others may misinterpret the signs. But if you’re looking to tell whether you’re pregnant as soon as possible, these common signs may be your first clues.

Getting Pregnant Tips October 10, 2016

Diabetes and Infertility

Diabetes is a very common disease, especially in the United States. Unfortunately, it can also contribute to fertility problems for both men and women. If you have been having trouble conceiving for a year or more and cannot identify another cause, there’s a chance that diabetes may be causing infertility.

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