get pregnant on clomid
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User review: “I am CONVINCED that it was the Conceive Plus that did it for us.”

BFPPPPP!!!!! We have been TTC for over a year and every single month I’ve convinced myself that I was pregnant. Sadly, every single time I was hugely disappointed. Two cycles ago, I bought the Clearblue Fertility Monitor (magic tool) and this cycle was the first cycle I used a Preseed-type product (I used Conceive Plus – super magic tool). After 13 months of trying I am CONVINCED that it was the Conceive Plus that did it for us. We used it every time we bd leading up to O, and with the monitor, I knew exactly when my most fertile days were.

This month I dismissed all my symptoms because I thought I was getting my hopes up again. But voila! I got my BFP today on 15 dpo!!!! I planned not to test at all and just wait until I missed my period, but I caved today (the day my period was due) and I’m glad I did!!! I’m still in shock!!!!

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