couples planning a pregnancy
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Guidance for couples planning a pregnancy – Merrion Fertility Clinic is to host a ‘His & Hers Fertility Bootcamp’ to offer guidance and advice for those who may be planning a pregnancy.

The bootcamp, which will take place in Holles Street Hospital next Saturday, March 29, is free of charge. It will focus on an integrated approach to pregnancy, incorporating nutrition and dietary advice, exercise, emotional well-being, holistic therapies such as Chinese medicine and acupuncture, as well as offering the opportunity to meet and talk to fertility experts.

Key speakers for the half-day event include Michael Comyn, founder of the Fearless Organisation; Dr Noel McCaffrey, an expert in sports medicine; Dr Mary Wingfield, clinical director Merrion Fertility Clinic; Sinead Curran, senior nutritionist at the National Maternity Hospital; and Kay Duff, relationship and fertility counsellor.


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