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We found this post on a trying to conceive forum (to help ttc couples) and thought it was worth adding here.

– I’ve tried both, and I prefer Conceive Plus x

– Thanks Sazza, based on their websites (below) I think Conceive plus seems to be aimed to actually help TTC, **** seems to be more about preventing ‘vaginal dryness’ with the fact it’s safe for TTC as a secondary selling point.

– hi ive used **** but found it felt very wet …..ive also used conceive plus and still am and find it more of a natural feel ……i did conceive last month so it must have worked -unfortunetley ended as a chemical preg. but i def think it helped with conception 

– We used **** for about 3months, no results. We switched to concieve plus a got bfp that month!! could be coincidence but I would give it a go. Good luck ladies xx

– Thanks ladies! Glad to see conceive plus is winning the poll because I bought some today!

March 2, 2010,  link to the public forum posts:  Here

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