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Success Stories November 1, 2018

Pregnant in first use

  • But worked, after 26 cycles, finally pregnant. Marzmega, Amazon USA User, October 2018
  • Got pregnant in 2 months after trying for a year. JW,  Amazon USA User, October 2018
  • I had a miscarriage in April I could not get pregnant in the months after no matter how much sex I was having I ordered this gel and received it on 8/31 my next ovulation was 9/13-9/18 I used it on 9/14,9/15 and 9/16 as of 10/5 I’m pregnant lol so it worked first use first try I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT if your trying to conceive I used it as my line, to be honest, I didn’t follow the directions on the packaging hope this review helps. Aubriana Taylor, Amazon USA User, October 2018
  • Pregnant in first use. Erika Marlen Ryan, Amazon USA User, October 2018
  • Did the job!. After approximately a year of trying to conceive, we used this and fell pregnant after a month of using it. It could have been a coincidence of course (who knows?) but I’d say it definitely helped! It’s slightly sticky but it’s scentless and did its job! 🙂 5* from us! KJ, Amazon UK User, October 2018
  • After seeing lots of good reviews I thought I would give it a go. I had used two other fertility pills (seven seas and vitabiotics), after coming off the implant my cycle was all over the place, neither of these other fertility pills helped much. I loved the fact that in just one month conceive plus helped to get my cycle on the track to being normal from a 72 day cycle to a 31 so hopefully after another month I will be back to 28 days. The pills are a little bit on the big side but I haven’t had a problem with it as they are smaller than the fish oil capsules 💊 I take alongside. I would definitely recommend to help get your cycle on track 😊 , I’ve ordered more so hopefully this will be the month to get a positive result. RJ, Amazon UK User, October 2018
  • Bought some a little over 2 months ago & tomorrow I have my first ultrasound should be around 8 weeks. Breona Teara, Facebook Global Review, October 2018
  • It worked for me I only used it twice and I was trying for 6month x. Chela Leigh Brownin, Facebook UK Review, October 2018
  • I tried for 2 years I tried this stuff and it work now I got a healthy 4 month old baby. Kimberly C Pacholski, Facebook Global Review, October 2018
  • Used this products with the tubes and my son is about to be 2. Lynette Johana Florian Acevedo, Facebook Global Review, October 2018
  • I have PCOS and have conceived twice with the help of this product. Kayleigh Hunter, Facebook Australia Review, October 2018
  • 10 months of trying used this for two weeks and bam now pregnant with number 2 :D. Beth Potter, Facebook UK Review, October 2018
  • I tried this and found out I was pregnant literally a month later !! Alyssa Ussery, Facebook Global Review, October 2018
  • We were using this when we got pregnant with the twins ♡ Riann Mason,  Facebook Global Review, October 2018
  • First time I used this my husband and I found out we were having a baby once I missed my period 💖 it was life changing 💖 my baby girl is due in a couple weeks now!!!! 💕 Kimberley Stewart,  Facebook Global Review, October 2018
  • Are u using this the first day of ovulation? I used the individual lubricants and was pregnant the first time using it. You have to inject this in you 20 minutes before intercourse and you should be pregnant. Download the glow app so you can make sure you’re ovulating. Hope this helps. Ashley McDougal-Fulton, Facebook Global Review, October 2018
  • This worked for me the 1st time I used it after trying for a couple of months! My son is now a happy 1 year old! Laura Mitchell, Facebook Global Review, October 2018
  • I used it  And love it, I now have a 2 year and 1 year cause of it. Angel Novak, Facebook Global Review, October 2018
  • I used this as a last stitch effort after my doctor set up an appointment to check everything after trying for over a year to get pregnant. I used it during one week of ovulation and found out I was pregnant with my now 20 month old a month later. Demetra Stinson, Facebook Global Review, October 2018
  • Me and my man Tony Rivera started using this at the beginning of August I’m now 10 weeks 5 days pregnant. Nicole A Carver, Facebook Global Review, October 2018
  • My cousin used this & it worked for her. Frances Marie, Facebook Global Review, October 2018
  • Worked for in 3 months. Kasey Kurts, Facebook Global Review, October 2018
  • Guys you can get this on amazon!! I used it and got pregnant after trying for 8 months!! It works !!! Haley Stradtner, Facebook Global Review, October 2018
  • Still ttc, but this is great lube either way ! I would definitely recommend the tube instead of the single use ones, they have way too much lube for one use. Paige, Amazon USA User, October 2018
  • This worked almost instantly for us 😍😍 now currently having my first scan tomorrow dreading it but yeah this works wonders. Mia Walker,  Facebook UK Review, October 2018
  • It worked for me 2nd time. I tried it once last year but apart of me just knew it wouldn’t work. It didn’t . I tried again in January because I felt like it was the time to use it. I did. I used it the day of positive opk and 2 days after. I got my positive test 13th Feb 🙂 I only used 2ml of the small tube and Iv still got pretty much a whole tube left. I sadly lost my baby in June stillborn but that was nothing to do with the lube. I had a blood clot what grew and detached my placenta. If I for one second thought it was the lube what done it then I wouldn’t be prepared to use it again this month and again until I fall. 🙂 Iv recommended it to everyone I know! X Shannon Christine Cooke, Facebook UK Review, October 2018
  • I used this for approx 3 weeks and I’m now 6 weeks pregnant I would recommend to everyone just waiting to see midwife 23rd oct x Amanda Jayne Darlington, Facebook UK Review, October 2018
  • It does work I used it 3 year’s ago and got pregnant. Shunta Mcclain, Facebook Global Review, October 2018
  • I conceived first time of trying this. Kelseyd, Instagram Review, October 2018
  • It helps sperm live longer in ur vagina and has something in it that helps the sperm get to your egg alive.. which boost your chances of getting pregnant …I’d been trying for 6Month I tried this 3/4 times and got pregnant 2month after … u use it like a lubricant x. Empress_Chelsea, Instagram Review, October 2018
  • This definitely worked for me  😍😍 Evaleen Renee, Facebook Global Review, October 2018
  • I only used the tube for 1 month and boom! My first baby boy April 10th 2019 💙 Genesis Gonzale, Instagram Review, October 2019
Success Stories October 1, 2018

We used this once and now we’re pregnant

  • Thank you conceive plus I used this products like around June after my period and now I’m 2 months pregnant just find out today it’s really works. Jhenn Navarro Eugenio, Facebook Global Review, September 2018
  • I have PCOS and was trying 8 years for a baby I used this 3 times and I was pregnant! With my daughter and used it again within 2 months I was pregnant now 20+5 without conceive plus I don’t think both of them would be here today I used the pre-filled applicators and used inside me and left it for 15mins x. Laura Howey, Facebook UK Review, September 2018
  • Amazing product. I didn’t think it would work used it twice and am now pregnant! Had been trying for over a year. Definitely put it down to this would definitely recommend! Amazon UK Customer, September 2018
  • I used this when spent 5 years trying for our first and used it for one month and fell pregnant. Perfect normal pregnancy and birth and very healthy baby. Naomi Watson, Facebook Review, September 2018
  • It worked for me 2 time .. But I got boy again I hope for girl. Shannon Priyankara, Facebook Australia Review, September 2018
  • Me and my partner used this once and now I’m 12 weeks pregnant 👶🏻💞💙. Kay Millard, Facebook UK Review, September 2018
  • Daniel Lindley worked for us the 1st time might have to try again 😉 x. Joanna June Lindley, Facebook UK Review, September 2018
  • First time ever trying for a baby and read about this conceived 2nd month trying and I’m now 23 weeks pregnant. Would recommend this alongside, ovulation sticks, tracking app, prenatal vitamins, stopping caffeine and elevating your butt 20 mins. Worked for me! Laura Heywood, Facebook UK Review, September 2018
  • This worked for us too Charlotte Emily xxc. Carla Rogers, Facebook Global Review, September 2018
  • 100% most definitely works… ask my son lol. Kitty Faithful Tuts, Facebook Global Review, September 2018
  • I take back not saying it doesn’t work 🙌🏾🙌🏾 11 weeks pregnant. Tonisha Lee, Facebook Global Review, September 2018
  • I used this and got pregnant 3rd month of trying. Bekki Mills, Facebook UK Review, September 2018
  • Myself and my partner highly recommend Conceive Plus Lubricant & Applicators to anybody trying for a baby. I was told about Conceive Plus from a girl who had PCOS who had managed to fall pregnant whilst using Conceive Plus products. Myself and my partner thought we would give it a go. . . . I have a double reproductive system but had an ectopic which resulted in my left fallopian tubes being taken away (and my left womb out of use basically). We tried to conceive for around 2 years before using Conceive Plus. After 5/6 times of using both the lubricant & applicators we finally fell pregnant and are now 26 weeks pregnant 👶🍼 💙. Seriously girls (and guys) try it. If it doesn’t happen 1st time around after using it don’t be disheartened or give up. I feel too because we had both got to the “oh it’s never going to happen” stage – this may well have helped us conceive too. Good luck to you all 💙💗 Emma Louise Elliott, Facebook UK Review, September 2018
  • Very nice product. Fits the description on the box perfectly. Amazon Customer, Amazon UK Review, September 2018
  • Works! After having my first son I found I needed a hand as it were in the downstairs department (sorry TMI) especially as we wanted to start trying for our second baby…..let’s just say I’m now 7 months pregnant with another little boy, so I would say it works a treat. Mama Haines, Amazon UK Review, September 2018
  • Worked first month trying. Been trying for 5 months and the first time we used I got pregnant. It may have been this gel or it may have just been our time, it may have been because we decided to ‘stop’ trying so hard so I got rid of the ovulation sticks…who knows!! With this product, I got a 5ml syringe thing from boots and then used that to put some up by my cervix before we did the deed..that’s the day I think I conceived. The second time we used it like normal lube but my hubbie hated it because it dries really quickly and it made him feel sore so it kinda killed the mood. If you do it the first way that u did with a turkey baster, you don’t have to tell your partner so at least you can keep a bit if sexiness about sex! Overjoyed to be preggars! If you’ve been trying for a few months I’d say it’s worth a go to help the swimmers. Oh and the time I conceived, I also laid down after and that time I had a great orgasm after my hubbie had done the deed! :-p. Xxx. Kate~Marie, Amazon UK Review, September 2018
  • Used twice, now pregnant! Amazing product. I didn’t think it would work used it twice and am now pregnant! Had been trying for over a year. Definitely put it down to this would definitely recommend! Amazon Customer, Amazon UK Review, September 2018
Success Stories December 7, 2017

Got pregnant within the first month of trying with Conceive Plus

  • Used it with an ovulation tracking app after trying to conceive for a year and worked for my husband and I! Blessed to say we are 19 weeks pregnant with our baby!, Shanitra Cheff, Facebook, November 2017
  • I was trying since February with no luck but started using the product in August and was pregnant the same month. I am due in May next year, Nini Myers, Facebook, November 2017
  • My husband and I tried for 10 months to get pregnant. I bought this product as a desperate attempt. We used it once. I am now pregnant with our first baby. Coincidence or not, I don’t know, but I’m grateful just in case, Amazon Verified Review, November 2017
  • The best through God and with this I’m 26 1/2 weeks… After trying for a year I used this and was pregnant after around 5 applications, Erianna Mack, Facebook, November 2017
  • 100% recommend the conceive plus lubricant! Definitely think thats what worked for us to conceive our baby girl! 💖, Keeley L. Cattell, Facebook, November 2017
  • Well it worked!! Glad I purchased this!! Used all 3 tubes during most fertile days and on my ovulation day and it worked! I’m now 7+1. Highly recommend, Sarah, Amazon Verified Review, November 2017
  • I am in love with this product! for the past 9 years of trying to conceive with no luck. I decided to try this one. Within less than a year I was able to have my first daughter. I am not 100 percent that this helped me out but this was the only thing I tried and now I have one beautiful healthy baby girl born on June 2016. My husband really wanted another one so here we go again trying use the same thing this time took us a year to conceive. So with my opinion if you want to conceive give this a try. You just might never know. Good Luck!, Amazon Verified Review, November 2017
  • Worked for me! Tried for two years without anything, nothing worked, til i came across this, got pregnant within the first month of trying with it😍, Ameri Shae, Facebook, November 2017
  • We had been trying for over 2 years and had just been referred for IVF got pregnant first month using this just wish I’d tried it sooner, Georgie, Amazon Verified Review, November 2017
Success Stories June 1, 2017

“100% recommended :-) was trying for 5 months then fell pregnant first time using this”

“100% recommended 🙂 was trying for 5 months then fell pregnant first time using this”, Claire G., Facebook, May 2017

“Me & my husband struggle to get pregnant. His sperm count is very low. The Dr’s told us there were now way he will ever get me pregnant. He had 3% to get me pregnant. My husband love to chat with people. One day he told the lady at the pharmacy how we struggle to get pregnant. So she told us to get Conceive Plus. Just 2 tries & we got pregnant. My daughter turn 2 the 30 April.”, Jessica O. F., Facebook, May 2017

“I’d highly recommend this 🙂 we tried for almost a year with no luck at all. As a last resort we brought a tube of this & conceived the first month using it!! I’m now almost 15weeks with a healthy baby! Thank you”, Tracy Louise R., Facebook, May 2017

“It really helped me in conceiving my two kids by the grace of Almighty Allah. After using it first month I conceived after failed attempts for 6 months.”, Naseebah N., Facebook, May 2017

“Been trying for 6 months to get pregnant and first month using it fell pregnant brilliant stuff!”, Claire C., Facebook, May 2017

“It works 🙂 I have PCOS and I am 24 weeks pregnant now.”, Amber E., Facebook, May 2017

“Worked for me”, Capo B. R., Facebook, May 2017

“I used it 4 random times in a month and I fell pregnant I’d been trying for 4 yrs and now we have a beautiful baby boy”, Kristie W., Facebook, May 2017

“It’s guarantee to work you guys .. I used it one month .. & was pregnant by the next month”, Mercedes M R., Facebook, May 2017

“We ordered this 3 months ago. Used it once and we are 8 weeks today… after 8 months of trying, wish we had this from the beginning! Had our first OB appt toady and baby is healthy, heart beat 169!”, Megan P., Facebook, May 2017

Getting Pregnant Tips May 11, 2017

Pregnancy after Having Your Tubes Tied?

If you’ve had your tubes tied (otherwise known as tubal litigation) or are considering the procedure, you may be wondering if there is any chance of still getting pregnant. Overall, tubal litigation is a highly effective means of contraception. However, there is still a chance of pregnancy.

Chance of Natural Pregnancy

Tubal litigation is about 99.9% effective, which means that a small number of women who have had the procedure still get pregnant naturally. Occasionally, as the fallopian tubes heal, a small opening called a fistula can remain. This opening can allow sperm to reach and fertilize an egg. Unfortunately, women who conceive after having their tubes tied have a high chance of ectopic pregnancy. This is because the egg can become blocked in the partially healed tube. If you have had your tubes tied but begin to experience signs of pregnancy (such as missing your period), you should talk with your doctor as soon as possible.

Tubal Litigation Reversal

If you have had your tubes tied but decide you would like to have a baby, you may be able to naturally conceive after undergoing a reversal procedure. Not all women are eligible for tubal litigation reversal surgery; usually it is only possible if you had your tubes closed with rings or clips. Even for eligible women, the procedure does not have a 100% success rate. However, if you would like to get pregnant naturally after having your tubes tied, a reversal procedure is your best option.

In Vitro Fertilization

For many women who have had their tubes tied, in vitro fertilization (IVF) represents the best chance of getting pregnant. An IVF procedure removes the woman’s eggs, fertilizes them with the man’s sperm, and then surgically inserts the eggs into the woman’s uterus. Unlike other methods of artificial insemination, IVF bypasses the fallopian tubes.

Success Stories March 3, 2017

CONCEIVE PLUS® TESTIMONIAL – We used Conceive Plus twice in one ovulation and I became pregnant.

Thank you Hannah for sharing your Conceive Plus testimonial !

“I’d like to share my story with you all. I am a little over 200 lbs and I didn’t lose any weight before conceiving. My Obgyn also told me I needed to lose weight. But I’m 31 years old and my husband is 47 years old. We tried to conceive for 12 years with no luck. As you know with pcos your menstrual cycle can be very irregular. So my obgyn put me on metformin to regulate. Then on clonidine to conceive.

After the first round I did conceive. But I miscarried at 7 weeks. So we waited a while and tried again but this time we went through 3 rounds of Clonidine. I got pregnant and miscarried at 12 weeks. So we took a little break from the medications but still didn’t use protection. We went on for a couple of years with not conceiving. Then we started the testing… they blew air through my tubes to see if there was anything blocking them. We did genetic testing. We did artificial insemination. IVF. I also tried hormone shots that I did in my belly everyday. We stopped all the testing because everything was coming back normal. A few years later I became pregnant on my own. We found out it was a set of twins and miscarried at 9 weeks. So we decided we would take a break from trying because it was to heartbreaking.We became foster parents and adopted four children. We decided a few years after adopting the children that we wanted to try for one more.

I seen this stuff online (Conceive Plus). I ordered it from Amazon for $20. I put a ovulation calculator on my phone and tracked my ovulation days. We used conceive plus twice in one ovulation. And became pregnant. I was scared to death of miscarrying again. I informed my OBGYN of all the miscarriages and she put me on progesterone cream. I was able to carry my baby but then I got severe preeclampsia. My Obgyn did not catch the preeclampsia. So at 29 weeks I was in the emergency room in excruciating pain. I had my baby boy that night. He had to be in the NICU for 2 months because he was so small. He was only 2 pounds 11 ounces. But now he’s home and doing great he turned 6 months on Christmas Day. I know that my husband and I couldn’t wait to start a family. And I’m not saying that Conceive Plus works for everyone. But it’s definitely worth a try and on the cheaper side. I told my cousin about Conceive Plus also. She had been trying for 2 years to conceive. She used conceive plus 3 times in one ovulation. And she is now 10 weeks pregnant. I just wanted to tell you about this because 12 years of trying to have children was a hard thing to go through. And if I can help anyone else with just telling them about this then I’d like to do so. Good luck, baby dust and God bless!”, Hannah Y., Facebook, 21 January 2017


Information about Conceive Plus

If you have just started trying to get pregnant or have been trying for a while, Conceive Plus® can help increase your chances of conception naturally! Recommended by doctors, pharmacists and fertility clinics in more than 60 countries, this is the fertility friendly lubricant approved by the FDA and a prescription is not required.

For where to buy Conceive Plus, visit our where to buy page

Getting Pregnant Tips November 10, 2016

How to get pregnant with twins

There are many couples who are wondering how to get pregnant with twins. Natural twins are fairly rare. Without in vitro fertilization, your chances of having twins are about 3%. A lot of the factors that make twins more likely are things you can’t change, such as your family history and your race. Women who are over 35, of African descent, and tall are more likely to have twins naturally. However, there are some things you can do to improve your odds if you want to have twins.


Increase your intake of folic acid

A few studies have found that women who have a higher level of folic acid (vitamin B9) have a higher chance of conceiving twins. The best way to up your levels is to take a folic acid supplement. Folic acid is also essential for preventing neural tube defects such as spina bifida, so it’s a good idea to take it regularly while you are trying to conceive anyway.


Eat more sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes and yams are believed to increase your chances of conceiving multiples (twins, trips, or even more). You can also try cassava, an African variant of the vegetable. Some people believe cassava increases the changes of hyperovulation, when two eggs come down instead of one during ovulation.


Keep breastfeeding

If you already have a baby, you may want to continue breastfeeding. At least one study has shown that women who conceive while breastfeeding are more likely to have twins. Some women, on the other hand, do not ovulate while breastfeeding. If this is the case for you, you may need to stop breast feeding in order to resume your normal menstrual cycle.


Eat dairy

Women who eat and drink dairy products are said to be more likely to conceive twins. This may be a result of the nutrients in milk and other dairy products. Or it may be a result of growth hormones used in cows. You may want to consult with your doctor about what level of dairy consumption is healthy.



The time to start working toward a healthy pregnancy is before you conceive. If you are trying to get pregnant our pregnancy tips are good start to get your body ready for conception.  Read more here


If you have just started trying to get pregnant or have been trying for a while, Conceive Plus® can help increase your chances of conception naturally! Recommended by doctors, pharmacists and fertility clinics in more than 60 countries, this is the fertility friendly lubricant approved by the FDA and a prescription is not required.

Success Stories June 17, 2016

“Finally pregnant thanks to Conceive Plus”

“Worked for me with one try…awesome!”
M.S, Facebook June 5th 2016

“When I first seen it I was thinking this is a load of crap and people just trying to get your money. After 7 months of trying my other half said buy it and give it ago well it turns out I was wrong and I just found out I am 9 weeks pregnant 🙂 and I fell pregnant the first month we used it. So don’t believe this well not work as it dose it may take time or you can be lucky only time tells.” (sic)
C.B, Facebook June 1st 2016

“I wanted to let you that I bought this product back in January and didn’t start using it until recently and last week I found out I’m pregnant!! I’m 6weeks due in Jan”
V.V, Facebook June 3d 2016

“Proud to say we’re finally pregnant after 2 years of trying thank you Conceive Plus”
M.R, Facebook June 4th 2016

“My boyfriend and I has been trying to get pregnant for over a year now! I ordered 8 of the pre filled applicators on April 20th, received them in the mail on May 6th & after using only 3 tubes I found out I was pregnant ! I was starting to get discouraged but I thank god for your product!”
K.P, Facebook June 6th 2016

“After two years we’re finally pregnant thanks to Conceive Plus. My daughter is 18 my son 15 I remarried after 13 years my husband now never had children so we tried everything and no luck a few months ago we took a chance with conceive Plus and we’re 5 weeks and we’re so happy”
M.R, Facebook June 7th 2016

“I used to help get pregnant with my 3rd and he’s now 6 weeks xx”
R.M, Facebook June 17th 2016

“My little rainbow baby due December 2016, xx”
L.M, Facebook June 10th 2016

“I used it once and I conceived my daughter now 5 its awesome!”
I.C, Facebook June 14th 2016

“It really works, have 2 kids, was pregnant in the first month!”
K.P, Facebook June 15th 2016

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