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Success Stories May 2, 2018



When Jerome and I first decided that we wanted to create a mini-us, we thought it would be so easy. I mean, how hard can it be? If anyone knows me they know that I like to be prepared and well informed about everything I do, so I googled and read so many books about conceiving and I seriously had no idea how much prep work and timing there was involved! I downloaded apps that tracked ovulation and joined mum forums filled with mothers who were also trying to conceive. Reading some of their stories and struggles made me really realise that this might not be as easy as it seems. I never realised how low the chance of getting pregnant was and how many things could contribute to making it more difficult.
Jerome and I tried unsuccessfully for four months and even though I knew there had been couples trying for much, much longer, it didn’t make seeing a negative pregnancy test any easier. My life was pretty much revolving around an app telling me when the best time to ‘try’ during the month was and it got harder and harder to find the desire to want to try again knowing full well what it felt like to just get a negative anyway. Between the recommended time to conceive and the date in which you can actually test is known as the ‘two week wait’ or ‘two weeks of reading into false pregnancy symptoms and getting your hopes up’. I found myself over evaluating everything that was happening with my body and it was literally driving us crazy. After the fourth month of a disappointing pregnancy test I decided to do my research and that’s when I found Conceive Plus. I stalked their page on Facebook reading reviews and stories about how this product helped women get pregnant and I started getting hopeful. I remember Jerome coming home from work and me bombarding him with all this information about it and reading him all these stories about how it worked and he simply replied with ‘it’s worth a shot, what’s the worst that could happen?’ So the next day, I bought it.
By some miracle it was delivered the day before my app told me it was optimum time to try. I showed Jerome and we looked at the instructions together to make sure we weren’t going to use it incorrectly and then we tried it. I did the usual thing that google says to do and kept my hips elevated for 20 minutes after and then didn’t use the bathroom for a few hours – you know, anything to try help. Google could have said I had to do the Macarena and I would have. We continued this for the whole time leading up to ovulation and a few days after and then we had the dreaded two week wait.
This two week wait was probably the best by far because my best friend, soul mate and boyfriend got down on one knee and proposed! I was seriously on cloud nine and couldn’t wait to tell everyone. Our family was so excited and I was eagerly planning things like colour schemes, dresses and who my bridesmaids would be – I had no time to think about anything else because I was just that excited. I didn’t even think about the fact I was in the two week wait period. When it came to an end and there was no sign of aunt flow, I didn’t even want to consider taking a test because I didn’t want to ruin the good mood I was in. Curiosity got the better of me and I bought a three pack of those first response tests and swore I wouldn’t test until the morning (I researched that the morning is the best time to test because the hormone is stronger the longer you hold your pee). I told Jerome I had tests but he was like me, just so use to disappointment. Again, curiosity got the better of me and I snuck a test into the bathroom without Jerome seeing (he told me not to test because it will make me upset).
There it was. The night my life changed. Two lines. No mistaking it.
I came out of the bathroom holding my pee stick with tears running down my face and Jerome looked at me and he said I told you not to test. I shook my head completely speechless and passed him the test. He looked at it, threw it on the lounge chair and just hugged me and cried. Finally, in the fifth month it worked!
I didn’t know whether it was the Conceive Plus or just pure luck, but either way, IT WORKED! Nine months later I gave birth to Oliver Thomas Power, 3.9kg and 54cm long. The time came when Jerome and I decided we would try again for another baby and have them close together. So close in fact that Oliver’s birth date and our daughters due date are four days apart (we will have to wait and see how close their birthdays are when I give birth in 8 weeks). Anyway, I’m skipping ahead. I really wanted it and so did Jerome so I ordered Conceive Plus straight away knowing it worked last time. We used it the first time we tried and it worked straight away. Now I know for sure that it was this product that gave us the helping hand we needed to get pregnant easier. I have recommended it to all of my friends that are trying to conceive and now I am recommending it to you.
If you or someone you know is running out of hope, get them to try this product and hopefully it helps them just like it helped us.
Link to read and purchase Conceive Plus.
Good luck to everyone who is on their conception journey x

Note: this post was originally published on March 7, 2018 by @Hayleigh on https://hayleighblogger.wixsite.com/mysite/home/our-conception-secret 

Getting Pregnant Tips May 4, 2017

9 Signs you Might be Super Fertile

If you pay attention, your body tells a lot about your health and fertility. It shows various physical symptoms that can show you might be super fertile. Read on to know some of those signs.

1.    Periods right on Schedule

Getting your periods right on schedule depicts that you might be the super fertile one. This fixed pattern indicates that you are ovulating every month. However, a fact here deserves a mention is that naturally, menstrual cycle depicts fertility not the one that is caused by birth control pills.

 2.    Health Diet

A healthy diet can have countless positive effects on our body. One of the major positive effects is that its effects the fertility of a woman. If you have already opted for a healthier lifestyle and are having healthy meal comprising of all the necessary nutrients; there are higher chances of you being super fertile.

3.    Healthy Pelvis

Excessive pains during the menstrual period can weaken your pelvis and thus can reduce the chances of women to get pregnant. However, a healthy pelvis depicts that you have healthy fertility.

4.    Hormone Production

It is a known fact that hormone production in a lady’s body also affects her ability to get pregnant. If you are hormone production is normal; you fertility level might be quite high.

5.    Normal Blood Flow

Although the blood flow during that time of month differs from every woman to woman; but if it isn’t too high or too low; there are greater chances for you to get pregnant and being a fertile lady.

6.    PMS Symptoms

The chances of a woman being super fertile get higher if she is having all the PMS symptoms i.e. bloating, cramping and breast tenderness.

7.    Breast Size

A question that may arise here in your mind is that what has breast size to do with being fertile? Well, it actually has a connection. Since a well-developed breast size is a testimony of your hormones being in the healthy state hence it can also indicate that you are ready to get pregnant as you are high on fertility.

8.    Medical History

If you have a clean medical history and have had a good gynaecologist care since the beginning of your sexual activity, you have good chances of being super fertile.

9. Affecting Other’s Periods

The likelihood of a woman being high on fertility enhances even more if they are affecting other women’s period. You may have witnessed your roommate’s period being synced up with you; this might be the effect of your pheromones.

Check with the above-mentioned signs before heading to your doctor to know whether you are fertile or not.

Getting Pregnant Tips, World News December 23, 2013

New Discovery Offers Hope for Infertile Women

Chinese scientists have discovered a protein complex which could help women who suffer from infertility.

Scientists have discovered that cullin-ring finger ligse-4 (CRL4) complex is crucial in maintaining female fertility. For the first time its molecular mechanism can be revealed.

A paper on CRL4 complex and how it works was published in U.S.-based Science Magazine on Friday Beijing time.

Fan Hengyu, research group leader from Zhejiang University, said the discovery has revealed how CRL4 complex works in sustaining fertility and postponing the menopause. This can increase the length of the reproductive period.

A baby girl has 100,000 follicles at birth, which are dormant. From the age puberty parts of the follicles begin to grow every month and mature into eggs that are released during ovulation each month, Fan explained.

“During the course of her lifetime, a woman will ovulate only around 300 to 400 mature eggs, and the end of ovulation means the beginning of the menopause,” said Fan.

For those with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI), characterized by entering the menopause early before the age of 40, getting pregnant remains a dream as there is no treatment.

Specific oocyte genes are essential for follicles and female fertility, the paper said, but the mechanism that regulates the gene expression was poorly understood.

In a laboratory experiment, the scientists deleted the CRL4 complex from a mouse through gene knockout techniques. Showing no abnormality, the mouse was later diagnosed to be infertile. It had symptoms of rapid oocyte loss, POI and fewer fertility maintaining genes.

Further research has revealed how the CRL4 complex works.

“It activates proteins that are involved in fertility to help regulate the expression of genes, and make sure gene reprogramming for fertility is correct,” according to Yu Chao, the paper’s first author.

According to Yu, a woman will enter the menopause earlier without the existence of CRL4 complex, but this may not be the only reason.

Science Magazine has said it is a groundbreaking discovery, as it illustrates the importance of CRL4 complex and provides a possible answer to the cause of infertility.

Fan Hengyu said further studies will be done on females lacking the CRL4 complex.

Through intervening the gene expression women can avoid POI and delay the menopause, which will be a direction for future research, Fan said.

“It offers hope, especially at a time when the country has lifted the ban on having a second baby,” Fan added.

[Source: Xinhua]

Social Media, Success Stories August 1, 2012

BFP! After 2 Miscarriages in a Row and About to Start IVF…

Conceive Plus user testimonial

Posted on Mon, 07/30/2012 – 11:23
Hi, I am 36 and my fiancée is 37. I have a very regular cycle. We started TTC in November 2011 and fell pregnant in December 2011. Unfortunately found our baby had no heartbeat at 9 weeks, had a D&C. Was absolutely gutted but fell pregnant again 4 months later only to start bleeding at 8 weeks – my OB found NOTHING on my scan and suspected an Ectopic.

Went in for an emergency D&C and Laparoscopy and thankfully it was not in my tubes – she couldn’t find it, which meant it, was classified as an “unknown location”. I felt something was wrong at the 6th week mark of this pregnancy as I started spotting and I had ZERO symptoms – sure enough…

5-6 months down the track we were referred to a Fertility Specialist and had all our tests done. My tests came back all normal but DH’s sperm morphology was only 2% (motility and count were normal) which is probably why we weren’t having any success. So, for the past 11 weeks he has been leading a healthier lifestyle and taking lots of vitamins!! We were all booked in to start IVF in 4 weeks time but to our surprise got our BFP yesterday morning!!! We are very excited but also very very nervous.

Here is what we did different which I think helped us achieve our BFP:

* Ovulated on CD 17 – BD 15, 16 and 17 – previous months we just BD’d every 2nd day from CD 10-18;
* Used Ovulation Kit and took my BBT, which I did every month anyway;
* used Conceive Plus (pre-filled applicators);
* DH has been on menevit, zinc, vitamin C for past 3 months (and cutting back on alcohol);

And what I think really helped was I had a HSG done 6 weeks ago. My tubes were both clear but it must have just given them a really good flush out. I would do this again. I am just praying everyday that this one sticks. It has to be my turn this time! I wish all you ladies TTC the very best of luck. It can be a very tough and emotional rollercoaster but what ever happens with this one, I am prepared for anything that comes my way. It is totally out of my control anyway. I have already started having symptoms like nausea and my test line came back faster and darker than the control line.. (that hasn’t happened before :)) So feeling very hopeful.

Baby dust to you all. xxx
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