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Getting Pregnant Tips May 30, 2016

Tips to conceive a baby boy or a girl

If you wish to conceive and have a gender preference for your future baby, you will be glad to know that advice and tips exist that could have an impact on having a boy or a girl.


First of all; timing is crucial. According to research, the girl chromosome – X, has a tendency of travelling slower than the boy chromosome – Y. For this reason, if you want to conceive either a boy or a girl, this first step is to check our ovulation calculator link. Male spermatozoa are faster. To enhance your chances of conceiving a boy – have sex as close as possible to your ovulation day. On the other hand, if you wish to have a baby girl, it is advised to make love three days before you ovulate and then wait patiently until the end of your ovulation period. Male spermatozoa will tend to tire faster. They will be less resilient and may die off, leaving more female spermatozoa to fertilise the egg when released, leading to higher chances of having a girl.

Leafy greans

Don’t underestimate the effect of leafy green vegetables. Increasing the quantities of spinach, broccoli and other green vegetables to your diet can have a favorable impact on your pregnancy.

Green vegetables have a high level of foliates. A vitamin that can improve your ovulation and can reduce chances of having a miscarriage. Men, please don’t think you can pass up on this diet, joining your partner will improve your spermatozoa health which is vital to fertilization. Studies have shown that men eating dark green vegetables on a daily basis have 20% less abnormal spermatozoa than other men.

Success Stories May 2, 2018



When Jerome and I first decided that we wanted to create a mini-us, we thought it would be so easy. I mean, how hard can it be? If anyone knows me they know that I like to be prepared and well informed about everything I do, so I googled and read so many books about conceiving and I seriously had no idea how much prep work and timing there was involved! I downloaded apps that tracked ovulation and joined mum forums filled with mothers who were also trying to conceive. Reading some of their stories and struggles made me really realise that this might not be as easy as it seems. I never realised how low the chance of getting pregnant was and how many things could contribute to making it more difficult.
Jerome and I tried unsuccessfully for four months and even though I knew there had been couples trying for much, much longer, it didn’t make seeing a negative pregnancy test any easier. My life was pretty much revolving around an app telling me when the best time to ‘try’ during the month was and it got harder and harder to find the desire to want to try again knowing full well what it felt like to just get a negative anyway. Between the recommended time to conceive and the date in which you can actually test is known as the ‘two week wait’ or ‘two weeks of reading into false pregnancy symptoms and getting your hopes up’. I found myself over evaluating everything that was happening with my body and it was literally driving us crazy. After the fourth month of a disappointing pregnancy test I decided to do my research and that’s when I found Conceive Plus. I stalked their page on Facebook reading reviews and stories about how this product helped women get pregnant and I started getting hopeful. I remember Jerome coming home from work and me bombarding him with all this information about it and reading him all these stories about how it worked and he simply replied with ‘it’s worth a shot, what’s the worst that could happen?’ So the next day, I bought it.
By some miracle it was delivered the day before my app told me it was optimum time to try. I showed Jerome and we looked at the instructions together to make sure we weren’t going to use it incorrectly and then we tried it. I did the usual thing that google says to do and kept my hips elevated for 20 minutes after and then didn’t use the bathroom for a few hours – you know, anything to try help. Google could have said I had to do the Macarena and I would have. We continued this for the whole time leading up to ovulation and a few days after and then we had the dreaded two week wait.
This two week wait was probably the best by far because my best friend, soul mate and boyfriend got down on one knee and proposed! I was seriously on cloud nine and couldn’t wait to tell everyone. Our family was so excited and I was eagerly planning things like colour schemes, dresses and who my bridesmaids would be – I had no time to think about anything else because I was just that excited. I didn’t even think about the fact I was in the two week wait period. When it came to an end and there was no sign of aunt flow, I didn’t even want to consider taking a test because I didn’t want to ruin the good mood I was in. Curiosity got the better of me and I bought a three pack of those first response tests and swore I wouldn’t test until the morning (I researched that the morning is the best time to test because the hormone is stronger the longer you hold your pee). I told Jerome I had tests but he was like me, just so use to disappointment. Again, curiosity got the better of me and I snuck a test into the bathroom without Jerome seeing (he told me not to test because it will make me upset).
There it was. The night my life changed. Two lines. No mistaking it.
I came out of the bathroom holding my pee stick with tears running down my face and Jerome looked at me and he said I told you not to test. I shook my head completely speechless and passed him the test. He looked at it, threw it on the lounge chair and just hugged me and cried. Finally, in the fifth month it worked!
I didn’t know whether it was the Conceive Plus or just pure luck, but either way, IT WORKED! Nine months later I gave birth to Oliver Thomas Power, 3.9kg and 54cm long. The time came when Jerome and I decided we would try again for another baby and have them close together. So close in fact that Oliver’s birth date and our daughters due date are four days apart (we will have to wait and see how close their birthdays are when I give birth in 8 weeks). Anyway, I’m skipping ahead. I really wanted it and so did Jerome so I ordered Conceive Plus straight away knowing it worked last time. We used it the first time we tried and it worked straight away. Now I know for sure that it was this product that gave us the helping hand we needed to get pregnant easier. I have recommended it to all of my friends that are trying to conceive and now I am recommending it to you.
If you or someone you know is running out of hope, get them to try this product and hopefully it helps them just like it helped us.
Link to read and purchase Conceive Plus.
Good luck to everyone who is on their conception journey x

Note: this post was originally published on March 7, 2018 by @Hayleigh on https://hayleighblogger.wixsite.com/mysite/home/our-conception-secret 

Success Stories January 26, 2018

First month on Clomid and Conceive Plus and I am now 20 weeks pregnant

  • I genuinely think it helped me – I have pcos and was put on clomid to help me, first month clomid and Conceive Plus and I am now 20’weeks pregnant!, Rebecca O., Facebook, December 2017
  • Thank u I’m now 24 weeks and blessed with a baby boy. Before using conceive plus I had been trying for 3 years x, Adele H., Facebook, December 2017
  • Highly recommend this product as we have been trying for while and nothing. Got this one and not even ovulation day and at first time of use I got pregnant…My little baby girl almost 5 month now, Maria S., Facebook, December 2017
  • I struggled to conceive for 2 and a half years. Had various tests and it turned out I wasn’t ovulating and was waiting to see a fertility specialist as the doctor didn’t know why I wasn’t ovulating. We tried conceive plus and fell pregnant after one cycle. I then found out at my first scan I have PCOS… I think it was a mixture of luck that I ovulated but also the conceive plus helped the sperm to live longer and be ready to meet my egg? Obviously I can’t say for sure 100% but it’s worth a try as a regular lubricant in the hope that you might ovulate that cycle? Currently 23 weeks pregnant with my little girl so I’d recommend to anyone to try conceive plus!, Freedom C., Facebook, December 2017
  • We did conceive the first month we used this lubricant. I do think it helped, as we used a different lubricant the month prior and didn’t conceive. If anything, it certainly didn’t hinder anything, Jennifer S., Amazon Verified Review, December 2017
  • I’ve been TTC for over a year now. After 2 months, I got pregnant and now am 4 months along. I didn’t use it every time we had sex, so I can’t say for sure this was the reason…but, having used it at least 5 times in 2 months, we got pregnant. This was recommended to me by my cousin who was also having trouble conceiving and she’s going to be having a baby in February, Sasusc, Amazon Verified Review, December 2017
  • Although it’s hard to say if this is the reason I got pregnant, Would definitely recommend as who wouldn’t want to try and do all they can? every little helps, Amazon Verified Review, December 2017
  • I used it for three months plus vitamins and now I’m six months pregnant with a little boy, before I was trying for over a year… with conceive plus I got pregnant after three months. Google it it will take you to a website to order, Jessica R., Facebook, December 2017
Success Stories March 3, 2017

CONCEIVE PLUS® TESTIMONIAL – We used Conceive Plus twice in one ovulation and I became pregnant.

Thank you Hannah for sharing your Conceive Plus testimonial !

“I’d like to share my story with you all. I am a little over 200 lbs and I didn’t lose any weight before conceiving. My Obgyn also told me I needed to lose weight. But I’m 31 years old and my husband is 47 years old. We tried to conceive for 12 years with no luck. As you know with pcos your menstrual cycle can be very irregular. So my obgyn put me on metformin to regulate. Then on clonidine to conceive.

After the first round I did conceive. But I miscarried at 7 weeks. So we waited a while and tried again but this time we went through 3 rounds of Clonidine. I got pregnant and miscarried at 12 weeks. So we took a little break from the medications but still didn’t use protection. We went on for a couple of years with not conceiving. Then we started the testing… they blew air through my tubes to see if there was anything blocking them. We did genetic testing. We did artificial insemination. IVF. I also tried hormone shots that I did in my belly everyday. We stopped all the testing because everything was coming back normal. A few years later I became pregnant on my own. We found out it was a set of twins and miscarried at 9 weeks. So we decided we would take a break from trying because it was to heartbreaking.We became foster parents and adopted four children. We decided a few years after adopting the children that we wanted to try for one more.

I seen this stuff online (Conceive Plus). I ordered it from Amazon for $20. I put a ovulation calculator on my phone and tracked my ovulation days. We used conceive plus twice in one ovulation. And became pregnant. I was scared to death of miscarrying again. I informed my OBGYN of all the miscarriages and she put me on progesterone cream. I was able to carry my baby but then I got severe preeclampsia. My Obgyn did not catch the preeclampsia. So at 29 weeks I was in the emergency room in excruciating pain. I had my baby boy that night. He had to be in the NICU for 2 months because he was so small. He was only 2 pounds 11 ounces. But now he’s home and doing great he turned 6 months on Christmas Day. I know that my husband and I couldn’t wait to start a family. And I’m not saying that Conceive Plus works for everyone. But it’s definitely worth a try and on the cheaper side. I told my cousin about Conceive Plus also. She had been trying for 2 years to conceive. She used conceive plus 3 times in one ovulation. And she is now 10 weeks pregnant. I just wanted to tell you about this because 12 years of trying to have children was a hard thing to go through. And if I can help anyone else with just telling them about this then I’d like to do so. Good luck, baby dust and God bless!”, Hannah Y., Facebook, 21 January 2017


Information about Conceive Plus

If you have just started trying to get pregnant or have been trying for a while, Conceive Plus® can help increase your chances of conception naturally! Recommended by doctors, pharmacists and fertility clinics in more than 60 countries, this is the fertility friendly lubricant approved by the FDA and a prescription is not required.

For where to buy Conceive Plus, visit our where to buy page

Success Stories August 24, 2016

Success stories : “Thanks conceive plus!”

Success stories : “Thanks conceive plus!”

“Ladies I know everything isn’t for everyone but my husband and I tried for 6 years nothing I came across this was optimistic about it but I still purchased it we tried it one cycle and August 13, 2016 a beautiful baby boy so it doesn’t hurt to try and this is all I used I am a real person no they didn’t put me up to this I just understand the struggle just thought I could give you ladies a little hope but here’s a picture of my love bug. God bless everyone wishing you all baby dust.”  S.P, Facebook, August 16,2016 

“I recommend this product it def works . I had my first ultra sound Monday . I’m currently 10weeks . Thanks conceive plus!” M.M.R, Facebook, August 12, 2016


“This helped me loads I had been trying for a baby for 4 years!! And was about to start IVF I used this for 2 months only when I was ovulating of corse!! And now I’m 14 weeks pregnant!! Can’t be any happier I thought it was a bit pricey but it was totally worth it in the end totally worth it!! Xx” C.L, Facebook, August 3, 2016


“This worked for me I thank you.” A.C, Facebook, August 19,2016


Fertility support is an essential part of conception, whether you are just starting out or have been trying for some time. Regular lubricants are proven to have negative effects on the fertilization process and should be avoided when you are trying to conceive. BUY HERE

Success Stories June 17, 2016

“Finally pregnant thanks to Conceive Plus”

“Worked for me with one try…awesome!”
M.S, Facebook June 5th 2016

“When I first seen it I was thinking this is a load of crap and people just trying to get your money. After 7 months of trying my other half said buy it and give it ago well it turns out I was wrong and I just found out I am 9 weeks pregnant 🙂 and I fell pregnant the first month we used it. So don’t believe this well not work as it dose it may take time or you can be lucky only time tells.” (sic)
C.B, Facebook June 1st 2016

“I wanted to let you that I bought this product back in January and didn’t start using it until recently and last week I found out I’m pregnant!! I’m 6weeks due in Jan”
V.V, Facebook June 3d 2016

“Proud to say we’re finally pregnant after 2 years of trying thank you Conceive Plus”
M.R, Facebook June 4th 2016

“My boyfriend and I has been trying to get pregnant for over a year now! I ordered 8 of the pre filled applicators on April 20th, received them in the mail on May 6th & after using only 3 tubes I found out I was pregnant ! I was starting to get discouraged but I thank god for your product!”
K.P, Facebook June 6th 2016

“After two years we’re finally pregnant thanks to Conceive Plus. My daughter is 18 my son 15 I remarried after 13 years my husband now never had children so we tried everything and no luck a few months ago we took a chance with conceive Plus and we’re 5 weeks and we’re so happy”
M.R, Facebook June 7th 2016

“I used to help get pregnant with my 3rd and he’s now 6 weeks xx”
R.M, Facebook June 17th 2016

“My little rainbow baby due December 2016, xx”
L.M, Facebook June 10th 2016

“I used it once and I conceived my daughter now 5 its awesome!”
I.C, Facebook June 14th 2016

“It really works, have 2 kids, was pregnant in the first month!”
K.P, Facebook June 15th 2016

Success Stories May 9, 2016

“This helped me conceive my first daughter “

“It’s worked for us we used twice 🙂 and now I’m 5 weeks ” (sic)
L.M, Facebook May 2d 2016

“I used Conceive Plus December 2013 and was pregnant in January 2014. Was trying for four month prior!”
A.S, Facebook May 3d 2016

“This helped me conceive my first daughter back in December an know I’m 22 weeks an 3 days… An we are naming her Athena Rozlyn Chatfield” (sic)
J.L, Facebook May 3d 2016

“I used this … I’m 29 and I’m 6 months pregnant. It works.”
T.P, Facebook May 4th 2016

“I user this after a miscarriage and it worked. Tried for 2 months Nothing. Used the gel and it worked first time. Nothing sexy about it though. The noise it makes when you squirt it in.”
L.B, Daily Mail May 4th 2016

“I tried for 6 months with no success and got pregnant the first month after I started using these gels, of course it could be a coincidence but I
really think they worked.”
H.W, Daily Mail May 4th 2016

“Great stuff it works I’m so glad looking to get pregnant 6 months ago and finally 2 weeks behind!” (sic)
E.B, Facebook May 4th 2016

“If i can give it 100 up I would…My journey to motherhood hasnt been easy… past relationships & now Infertility is such a hard thing to deal with..when all u wish for is to be someone’s MOMMY.. last October i finally went pass all my fears and went to my obgyn & explained my situation of NEVER being able to conceive we went through all the blood work ultrasound needed & well found out i had Pcos!!! Even tho i did get my cycle every month i wasnt ovulating properly, so she started me on Metformin &3moths of clomiphene…that Dint Work.. in December she kept me on the metformin & doubled my dosage on clomiphene…well after going over it with my boyfriend we decided to keep on the meteformin but no continue on the clomiphene. .instead i wanted to loose weight witch i Did (30pounds) last month we purchased this wonderful product do give it a try… we received it right before ovulating week & we only use 1 applicator out of the 8 & just a couple of days ago i got MY BIGGEST BLESSINGS EVER!!!!! I strongly believe this had a lot to do with it!!! Thnk you from the bottom of my heart to whoever makes this!!!!!!” (sic)
Facebook May 8th 2016

“I ordered this almost a month ago. Me and my fiance had been trying for years. We used this once or twice and I found out yesterday”
K.C.D, Facebook May 8th 2016

“I used it for 6 days and fell pregnant 🙂 x”
T.M, Facebook May 8th 2016

“Thank you so very much for this product. After 11 yrs with my bf we are finally 5 wks pregnant for the very first time after using your product ONCE!!!!”
L.S, Facebook May 9th 2016

Pregnancy tips to help you conceive

The time to start working toward a healthy pregnancy is before you conceive. If you are trying to get pregnant quick, our pregnancy tips are good start to get your body ready for conception process. Read more here

More about Conceive Plus

If you have just started trying to get pregnant or have been trying for a while, Conceive Plus® can help increase your chances of conception naturally! Recommended by doctors, pharmacists and fertility clinics in more than 60 countries, this is the fertility friendly lubricant approved by the FDA and a prescription is not required.

Success Stories April 6, 2016

“I wanna thank Conceive Plus”

“This really does work I was pregnant within a month’s time know I have my first at 30 years old after trying for almost 2 years!!”
S.P, Facebook April 12th 2016

“This stuff is amazing! My husband and I had tried for over a year. Used this product for two months and were expecting!”
K.L, Facebook April 1st 2016

“This 100% works I used it once and I’m pregnant xx”
E.C, Facebook April 4th 2016

“Hello ladies, I’m 34 years old and just had first baby 3 weeks ago. It was also my first pregnancy. My husband and I tried for years to conceive with no luck and I was going to adopt if I didn’t conceive by the age 35 (still considering adoption). I have always had irregular periods and never knew when I would get a period. I thought I was infertile. I cried and I prayed for a baby for years and I never gave up on faith and I told myself that it would be god’s timing. I started to track my period and fertile day and found out I was pregnant a couple of weeks later. It was the best feeling ever to know that god had answered my prayers and also that conceive plus worked for me. For all of you that are trying I can tell you to never lose faith in god and to trust his timing what is meant to be will be and to also use conceive plus on your most fertile day and if it doesn’t work the first time do not give up. My heart is so full of joy, love and happiness everytime I look at my baby boy. I thank god every day and now I wanna thank conceive plus. Good luck to all of you that are trying, have faith and god bless.”
K.S, Facebook April 4th 2016

“I used it. Within one month of me doing so I was pregnant. The doctor couldn’t even figure out how I had two positive pregnancy test when I could have only been 3-4 weeks pregnant. Little MS. Reign will be here in June :)”
P.B, Facebook April 4th 2016

“Works 100 percent I’m due October 24th !!”
A.M, Facebook April 5th 2016

“It worked for me and I have pcos xx”
K.R, Facebook April 5th 2016

“We used it once and it worked”
J.D, Facebook April 5th 2016

“This products works i am now 3 months pregnant”
M.F, Facebook April 6th 2016

Pregnancy tips to help you conceive

The time to start working toward a healthy pregnancy is before you conceive. If you are trying to get pregnant quick, our pregnancy tips are good start to get your body ready for conception process. Read more here

More about Conceive Plus

If you have just started trying to get pregnant or have been trying for a while, Conceive Plus® can help increase your chances of conception naturally! Recommended by doctors, pharmacists and fertility clinics in more than 60 countries, this is the fertility friendly lubricant approved by the FDA and a prescription is not required.

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